Working with government organizations
When working with government organizations and officials – whether as customers, regulators or partners – we must ensure that our activities and interactions demonstrate the company’s commitment to ethical conduct. Adherence to the law and compliance to specific regulations are expected.

What does it mean for me?



  • abide by applicable laws and regulations
    relating to working with governments,
    particularly special requirements
    associated with government contracts
    and transactions
  • be truthful and accurate when dealing
    with government officials and agencies
  • require anyone – including consultants,
    sales representatives, distributors or
    suppliers – providing goods or services
    for the company on a government project
    or contract to agree to comply with the
    intent of the company’s working with
    government policy
  • adopt processes that ensure reports,
    certifications, statements and proposals
    are current, accurate and complete and
    that contract requirements are identified
    to the responsible parties
  • deviate from contractual requirements
    or authorized contract substitutions such
    as failure to perform required tests and
  • submit inaccurate or incomplete cost or
    pricing data when it is required by the
  • violate government regulations that
    establish gratuity restrictions, recruiting
    and hiring restrictions, or certification
  • accept information about a government’s
    competitive selection of a supplier or
    a competitor’s bid or proposal (unless
    the contracting officer or agency leader
    has lawfully authorized the information’s

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