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Message from the CEO

Consistently doing what is fair and right

​​As we strive to succeed as a business with global standards, we are constantly challenged with situations that test our sense of right and wrong. While there is no one easy full-roof formula to help us consistently make the right decisions, I encourage everyone to always remain mindful of two questions: Is it the right thing to do? Is it fair to all involved?

The Gunung Sewu Group Code of Conduct (GS Group CoC) embodies this thinking. The CoC establishes the right thing to do and the fundamental responsibilities we expect our staff to observe at work. These responsibilities intend to instill respect for the law and the desire to report any apparent wrongdoing. They are meant to apply not only to Gunung Sewu Group staff, but to all those whom we work with and those who work for or represent us. This spirit will in turn ensure a sense of fairness to all involved.

Take time to read the CoC carefully. It describes what we believe in, who we are and how we conduct our business. The CoC stands for everything that Gunung Sewu Group hopes to be – an exemplary corporate citizen.

I invite you all to take to heart the teachings of our CoC and be a proud a member of the Gunung Sewu Group family!

Best regards,
Ed Ng
President Director & Group CEO