Re.juve: Launching of First Premium Juicery F&B Concept in Indonesia

Re.juve, premium juicer F&B concept di Indonesia membuka toko pertamanya di Gandaria City, 19 May 2014, dengan menawarkan cold-pressed jus, nourishing smoothies, dan hydrating elixirs

Jakarta, 19 May 2014

Starting May 19th 2014, Re.juve™ opens its first store in Gandaria City and changes the way Indonesians drink their juices. Indonesians can now find what they have been looking for: fresh, reliable, and healthy juices.

The opening of first Re.juve store in Indonesia introduces Indonesians to a unique and premium juicery experience. Combining the finest ingredients with global-inspired recipes, where each order is personalized and handcrafted fresh in front of customers.

Re.juve revolutionizes how Indonesia drinks their juices: Cold-pressed juices

Re.juve offers better than regular fruits and vegetables juices. All juices in Re.juve are freshly handcrafted in front of customers, and made with cold-pressed juicing technology. ‘Cold-press’ means that the fruits & vegetables are not exposed to heat during juicing process. Enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants are well-preserved when fruits and vegetables are kept in chilled condition. Because our juicers maintain cold or ‘no-heat’ condition, all juices in Re.juve are called ‘cold-pressed juices’

“Because enzyme, antioxidants and vitamins inside fruits and vegetables are extremely sensitive toward heat, the cold-press juicing technology offered by Re.juve gives customers the most optimal fruit and vegetables juices with well-preserved full enzyme, rich antioxidants and multi-vitamins,” mentions Richard Anthony, the Managing Director for Re.juve

Cold-pressed juices that Re.juve offers are purely from selected and finest fruits and vegetables. Richard Anthony also mentions “Our cold-pressed juices are fresh fruit and vegetables, and nothing else. This means we do not add any preservative, additional sugar, any form of artificial sweetener. Our cold-pressed juices are also fresh made in front of customers, not from concentrate and not pasteurized.”

Re.juve cold-press juices are designed carefully to make sure they give overall goodness experience for any type of customers:

  • Fruit cold-pressed juices : Category that are delicious anytime and anywhere, suitable for those who are new to juices and for children

  • Vegetables & fruit cold-pressed juices: A more advance juices category that combine vegetable goodness with the delicious taste of fruits. This category is double the goodness!

  • Vegetables, fruits & spices cold-pressed juices: Category for the brave hearts, and for those who are pro-juicers. This category combines ginger and hot red chili inside cold-pressed juices

“We have these friendly-to-advance categories because we want to make sure each customer enjoy their cold-pressed juice according to their personal preference and liking,’ says Richard.

Other healthier beverages only Re.juve can made: Nourishing smoothies & Hydrating Elixirs

Adding to delicious and fresh cold-pressed juices, Re.juve completes its menu by offering nourishing smoothies selection and hydrating elixirs.
Nourishing smoothies are blended ice beverages that are indulgence, fully nourishing, low in calories & fat, but very high in vitamins and minerals, making this category to be suitable to replace a meal.

There are two types of smoothies in Re.juve :
- Milk based nourishing smoothies: Indulgence refreshing beverage blended in ice with vegetables, fruits, protein powder and delicious inclusions, such as non-fat milk, nut milk, peanut butter and chocolate.
- Green nourishing smoothies : Refreshing beverage blended in ice with vegetables, fruits and protein powder

Hydrating Elixirs literally means “Hydrating miracle water.” These beverages are refreshing cold-pressed juices with coconut water and sea salt or organic coconut sugar that are designed to fully hydrate the body. These beverages contain high amount of electrolytes and minerals that are very suitable for hot days, cardio lovers, or those who have been a wasting a lot of sweats.

Juicing experience with customers in mind: Revealing Goodness

Re.juve brand promise is to reveal overall goodness to customers, whether that is goodness in taste profile, goodness in health benefits, and goodness in store experience.
Moving forward, Re.juve plans to not only serve the best and healthier beverages to customers, but to regularly do in-store education events surrounding nutrition, health and wellness. More re.juve stores are coming in prominent locations surrounding Jakarta this year.

Romie mentions “As Indonesia is a tropic country, fruits and juices are something that we all can relate a lot to. Indonesians love, crave and familiar with different variety of juices. I think our concern so far is the hygiene and unavailability of purely handcrafted fresh juices. With the arrival of Re.juve in the locations closer to you near future, Indonesians can now be assured that the juices that they drink are the finest ones”

About Re.juve
A member of Gunung Sewu Group, Re.juve is the first premium Juicery F&B concept in Indonesia. Serving handcrafted cold-pressed juices, nourishing smoothies, hydrating elixirs, and other delicious & healthier food options, Re.juve opens its door first time in Indonesia on May 2014. Re.juve delivers overall goodness to Indonesians : Goodness in taste profile, goodness in health benefits, and goodness in in-store premium juicer experience.

About Gunung Sewu Group
Over the years Gunung Sewu Group has thrived through visionary leadership recognizing unique growth opportunities, forecasting the evolution of new markets and consistently investing in and strengthening our core businesses. The Group now employs approximately 25,000 employees in its diversified businesses, such as Great Giant Pineapple, Sunpride, SequisLife, FarPoint and others. An incubator of businesses, Gunung Sewu turns ideas into reality, nurturing them from conception, through development, continuing until they are fully operating and sustainable businesses.