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Indo Porcelain (IP)

IP manufactures porcelain tableware. It undertakes special commissions and OEM for many of the world’s leading brands including Crate & Barrel, Rorstrand, Marks & Spencer and Echo Design. Domestically, IP supplies its products under its Zen brand to high-end retailers and hospitality establishments. IP currently has a capacity to produce 14 million pieces annually. 

IP was acquired by Gunung Sewu in 1979.

Jalan Raya Serang KM 8 (Jalan Telesonic)
Tangerang 15810, Indonesia
P. (+62-21) 5930 2329

Premium Tableware

Indo Porcelain is one of Asia’s premier porcelain tableware manufacturers.


Oriental Line

Indo Porcelain produces fine porcelain tableware for the domestic and international markets. The Oriental Line is one of the many product lines in its portfolio.


Indonesian Market

Domestically, Indo Porcelain supplies its products under the Zen brand to high-end retailers and hospitality establishments.